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Pashmina Shawl BH-18-SH-22-23

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Our line of khadi-pashmina collection is handcrafted by Discovering Roots Trust and Marketed by Azuri India Pvt Ltd. Our collection of stoles, shawls, mufflers, throws, and dress material is:

•  organic and 100% natural

•  free of dyes and chemicals

•  hand carded, hand spun, and hand woven by women and weavers from the lower Himalayan region of India

•  sustainably harvested, the hair is sourced from the domestic Capra goat (aegagrus hircus) living in high altitude of the Himalayan region of India

•  eco-friendly made by following environmentally-safe practices and using traditional tools and techniques

• reviving the dying tradition of weaving handcrafted pashmina shawls

• everlasting due to the absence of chemicals and harsh mechanical processing

• softer and silkier with age

• prepared with love and human touch. Each shawl takes 20 days to two months to complete

• artwork having an identity and a soul