About Us

Azuri India Pvt Ltd.,is a Group Company of Azuri established in 1994, ─ Artists, Designers, Photographers, and technical specialists ─ producing backdrops for Photography Studios, Theatre Professionals, Set Designers, Stage Show Planners, Producers, Art Directors, Event Planners, Fine Arts Educators and the entertainment industry worldwide. As a team of 30 employees, our combined knowledge and talents have enabled us to create a variety of backdrops for the high end market in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and parts of Asia.

Our portfolio comprises of myriad backdrops made of premium heavy quality muslin. Mottled Backdrops ─ Stone Washed, Reversible, Monochrome, Crunch and Crush Dye, Traditional Hand Painted and 3D are all time favorites; the classic series of Hand Painted Backdrops ─ Old Masters, Abstracts, and Scenics; the forceful Solids and Chromakeys, and the collapsible Flexdrops. We craft a variety of Theatre Backdrops, Event Backdrops, Dance Recitals, and Bespoke Backdrops.

Our backdrops are widely selected for use in TV and video productions, professional advertising campaigns, and magazine photo shoots in addition to traditional theatrical stage productions and special events. Everything we do is custom created in collaboration with our clients. We prioritize our clients' requirements also ensuring quick turnaround time that is in sync with their schedule. We bring many years of experience and expertise in crafting and delivering backdrops worldwide.