Why Azuri Studio Backdrops ?

Manufacturing Process

Our Studio backdrops are primarily handcrafted by artisans using different techniques which they have inherited over centuries where they use their knowledge of layering of colors, curing the fabric and using the sunlight bringing various design molds based on  the intensity of heat of the sunlight.These pieces of art our sun cured, grass dried, making minimum use of water resources. We use high quality fabric, dyes, paints, materials. The painting process is secured in a way that there is no rubbing, cracking, peeling of paint or fading of color in due course. The manufacturing, finishing, packing is done at our facility by experienced staff using latest fabrication technology to give a fine finish to these backdrops. The process are inbuilt where quality is inspected and different stages eliminating defects. The company has complete infrastructure in processing and production of these backdrops .

Artistic rendering

Ludwig said, God is in the details. Every aspect of making backdrops concerns us ─ color knowledge, artistic rendering, technical aspects, and art historic milieu. We supply backdrops that are not just unique and beautiful but also speak the story line of theme with intensity.
Our backdrops results in bringing out classic portraits and family photographs; moving theatrical themes; happening events; and striking commercial ad films. There have been numerous designs created by us that can be made in multiple sizes.


Azuri Studio Backdrops brings many years of experience and expertise that places us in the vanguard of crafting studio backdrops for photography studios, theaters or events. We understand the relationship between a fine studio backdrop and a classic picture or a emotional scene unfolding in front of it. We never cease to wonder about the variety of tasks we have delivered to our clients worldwide since our humble start more than 2 decades ago we have always challenged ourselves to deliver the best.


To ensure durability and longevity our studio backdrops are finished on all four sides making them resistant to tearing. Customized rod pockets and grommets make them easy to hang on rail systems, studio backdrop stands, and automated studio wall systems as per your need. These studio backdrops are easy to use inside a studio or in the open. There is no cracking of paint or fading of color overtime besides they are washable and tear proof too. Backdrops are wrapped and packed in cotton carry bags for storage and are easy to carry from one place to the other.


At Azuri Studio Backdrops we also understand the changing needs of customers. We look at new possibilities and expand our range of products by constantly innovating new concepts, designs, and themes apt for the evolving market. We take care of problems that arise along the way and continue to work until everyone is pleased with the result.