Rajni Sharma started Azuri in 1994 after exploring the hardcore world of export. Back then, Azuri was a small workshop used to manufacture high-end home furnishings. But, with the onset of internet in the late 90s she stumbled upon a customer who was looking for tie and dye fabrics used for backdrop photography. That is how Azuri's exploratory journey of backdrops began by exporting muslin tie and dye and mottled backdrops to its first client based in USA! Muslin backdrops became Azuri's forte and still continue to be. That's how Azuri took off and grew stronger.
Gradually, Rajni began to consider fabrics other than muslin like canvas, duck, and wrinkle free. She examined how these fabrics interact with a set of paints and materials, which equation was a winning combination and why others were not. One thing led to the other, and Azuri graduated from manufacturing hand dye mottles to hand dyed washed, and created a new concept of Reversibles, with hand Paint old masters, scenic's, thematic, theater, and set designs.
With lot of passion for designing and her work, Rajni travelled extensively to get exposure in the international bazaar of backdrops ─ learning and absorbing trends. Rubbing shoulders globally she brings a lot of knowledge and expertise to Azuri's platform in terms of variety, quality, and innovation. The company started with two people in early 90s and is now a team of over 30 employees. Today, Azuri is an established brand with a clientele worldwide, delivering a wide range of backdrops and sizes from 5/6 ft to 30/150 ft seamless. AZURI has a tradition of crafting backdrops!